This is an inventory list of items that EAA Chapter 582 controls. Most of these items are available to be used by members on the hangar premises. Some items are available for members to borrow off premises for a defined period of one week maximum. To borrow a tool a member must complete the "checkout," request form. The borrower must check the tool back in before the week expires. If the borrower fails to do this their name will automatically appear on a reminder message on the home page of the web site.
Torque wrench
Click type torque wrench
Tables & chairs
Tables & Chair
Engine hoist
Cherry picker portable hydraulic lift
6 pound scale
light duty scale that reads in gram and ounces
Mig welder
Eastwood MIG 135 welder with argon
Radio Shack multi meter
Rivet squeezer
Cleveland Aircraft Tool compound hand rivet squeezer
Prop balancer
Dyna Vibe dynamic propeller balancing computer
Electronic scales 1100 pounds per pad.
Differential compression tester
U S tool compression tester
Grizzly model G 9729 lathe/mill combination machine
3 in 1 sheet metal machine
Bending brake, sheath, and roll